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Grooming a difficult dog

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Q:  My dog tries to bite when I cut his nails

 Hello, I have adopted a 3 year old pekingese from the Oregon Humane Society in Dec. the papers said he had lived with a woman who was so sick she finally couldn't take care of him anymore. Her children brought him in.
I dearly love the little guy who is very friendly to everyone but on day three I was bathing him and cutting his nails, as I do my other peke, and I quicked his nail. He turned and bit me hard. We have had other encounters but I have not been bitten even though he has tried. He is quick.
I am working on him learning to trust me but I know he would bite in a second if he felt threatened. He growls when he is picked up and when he thinks you are going to do something to him. For example, I feel like I could never brush his teeth or cut his nails safely.
My question.... He needs his nails cut and I don't dare do it even though I would like to do it. Is it best to take him to a groomer? A trusted vet clinic? For me to be present? Me hold him? For him to wear a muzzle? Where do I go with him? Just do it myself and buy a muzzle like the one my vet office showed me?



There are many dogs that become aggressive or difficult to handle when it comes time for grooming. Grooming salons and veterinarians are all very used to this type of situation. I would recommend taking your Pekingese to a local well established groomer. Ask around for good recomendations. Veterinarians are generally happy to cut nails too if that makes you feel more comfortable. You won't need to be there unless you want to. Just be sure to tell them before hand that your little guy tries to bite, so they can take the proper precautions such as a muzzle or an extra person to help hold him. If you want to try cutting his nails on your own a muzzle would be your best bet. A muzzle may seem a bit harsh, but it really causes very little stress and is completely humane. Good luck cutting those nails. I hope this was helpful.


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