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My new puppy wants to chew on me. How can I get her not to?

I had the same problem when I got my new puppy. What I found to be the most successful was this: Immediately after the unwanted nibble I would put my hand around her muzzle (not too hard) and say no biting. There's no need to be very harsh they'll get the idea as long as you say it with a stern voice. Not yelling just stern. Then I would tell her to give kisses instead and praise her when she did. Then they learn to replace puppy biting with kisses. The only drawback is their tongues grow and it can get irritating to be licked a lot. Another great way to get puppies not to bite is by giving them something they can chew on and praise them when they do. Consistency is the key. Get everyone involved in not allowing the behavior and molding it into something acceptable. It's important to remain calm and assertive in any training. Yelling or physical punishment, which is a training method used by some people, is never necessary and can be damaging to the training process by instilling fear rather than learning. Good luck and have fun with your puppy!

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